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Tracking Your COVID-19 Cleanings with Microsoft Access

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COVID-19 has altered the face of almost every business that is now in operations within the Untied States and abroad. As we learn just how contagious COVID was, smart businesses began to look for software solutions to track when areas were cleaned, who was cleaning the area and what intervals were needed for a good cleaning.

Microsoft Access is the perfect small database to track cleanings as well as those who cleaned. A solid solution that can be developed quickly, efficiently and tailored for you exact data tracking needs.

Over the years, I’ve worked through many solutions that started off as small immediate needs database and grew over time to hone in on the important tracking needs of small and medium businesses, as well as non-profits. Unlike corporations, our small business/non-profit needs are more precise, less expensive and more urgent now that we are recovering from the work being halted for a long period of time.

Tracking a cleaning schedule without software can be difficult and at with the bustle of trying to get your businesses back in working order can be dropped off the task list with devastating results. Customers and workers can become ill, or worse have an outbreak in the office and spread it into the community. Tracking the cleanings of specified high traffic areas with a Microsoft Access database designed for your company would help to insure that your clients and staff are safe.