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Evolution of Databases

Access Database Programming – Development for Growth


Business is driven by the information that we have and database programming allows for that information to flow properly. The processes that our businesses follow must provide feedback at every stage in order to improve the outcomes for our clients. Increasingly, we are realizing that raw data from throughout our organizations provide information on the preferences of our clients, the speed of our delivery, the effectiveness of our personnel, and the value intrinsic in our offering. By improving on any or all of these measures, we are able to increase our competitiveness and our profit.

The Evolution of Databases

Database Programming and EvolutionIt used to be the standard that businesses developed paper-based tracking systems. The customer book on the receptionist’s desk was the database of clients. The system evolved so that many businesses utilized excel spreadsheets and took their analysis and reporting to a new level of sophistication. These days, businesses are moving to database driven systems that can scale with their business and provide far increased functionality.

Increasing Demands on Business

As business grows, the demands upon it become more varied and challenging. An increased customer base often means businesses lose the personal touch on which their success was initially founded. Database driven operation can ensure that information gets to the people that need it when they need it, making them more effective in their business relationships with their clients… keeping the personal touch.

Business growth also brings with it the challenges of tracking service delivery and product delivery. There may be stringent requirements for ensuring things get where they need to get to, when they need to get there, depending on the industry in which your business operates.

Improved Service Levels

Even service industries, for example, the finance industry, have documents go back and forth between clients and companies. Documents go post, information is passed by fax and by email, and all this information is lost when something goes wrong or is not reported correctly.

Database driven systems ensure that there is transparency through the business, and even transparency with clients if a web portal is enabled for their own tracking processes.

Investment NOT Cost

There are so many applications of database driven information. Whether you are primarily online or offline business, the process of developing a meaningful system for your business really is worthwhile. Bottlenecks in business are perhaps one area that will cause more reputation damage than in any other facet.


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Case Study Apple

Database Programming - Case Study AppleIf reports are to be believed the Apple iPhone is struggling to deliver its iPhone 6 to the market in 2013. Reports suggest that it is the ability of their manufacturers to deliver the component parts to the level and volume required that is the main stumbling block. Understanding the demands of the business means understanding every facet and every component for iPhone. Their tracking must be spot on or they will over promise and under deliver.

Most businesses do not have the demands of “an Apple.” However, the principle remains true at whatever level you operate. You must be able to understand where your business is at any one time, and what you need to do to prioritize the effective completion of every task.

Customers are becoming more demanding and businesses are becoming more efficient. In order to grow and stay competitive as you grow, you must have a process that facilitates this. That means, upgrading to a database driven system that can provide you with the information analysis tools and reporting to keep you ahead of the game.

Database Tracking

Database TrackingDatabase tracking systems come in a variety of forms and serve many different business purposes.  For example, one may use a database tracking system to catalog library book usage – check-ins and checkouts, reservations and holds, etc.   Alternatively, such systems may also be employed in the ongoing recording of construction asset and material locations, conditions, and projected values.

Additionally, database tracking software may encompass the ongoing understanding of the contents of a database itself.  For example, any effective sales representative needs to be familiar with the current offerings of the business they represent.

Rather than downloading a product catalogue every few weeks, database tracking software would highlight the changes that have occurred in the database since it was last viewed, enabling greater sales effectiveness and information efficiency.

In fact, business in the modern world is all about efficiency, and efficiency, in turn, is dependent on reliable and current information.  Data organization and structure is the key to relevant and up-to-date information.  Today, the contents of databases arrive from a myriad of different sources in distinct formats, through numerous data transformations and conversions, and via any of a number of devices.
With such complexity in the way data is input into a database, there is an inherently increased risk that the integrity of the data may be compromised.  Database tracking systems are specifically and uniquely designed to prevent such catastrophe.  They do so by carefully monitoring the flow of information, coordinating the influx of complex data from its many sources, effectively integrating the information into the database, ensuring organization and usability, and safeguarding against data compromise.

You may be thinking, “This is all very well, but what does all this  have to do with MY business?”  Well, no matter your business size or type, database tracking systems allow for:

  • Greater process efficiency
  • Increased information integration and organization across business divisions
  • More efficient and comprehensive reporting
  • Greater understanding of your client profile, customer behaviors, and overall product satisfaction
  • More effective business strategy design
  • Earlier identification of business challenges and issues
  • More informed decision-making

Database Tracking Scheme

Furthermore, from a data integrity point of view, the employment of a database tracking system could mean the prevention of catastrophic business failure.  For example, the compromise or loss of an online or other business database could result in serious direct financial loss.  Additionally, the accompanying loss of business credibility and industry reputation may incur ongoing losses in the future.  In today’s highly competive and unforgiving business atmosphere, no organization can afford to be seen as careless, disorganized, and/or inefficient.

Databases are the lifeblood that enables effective and profitable business to deliver their services, both online and offline.  With the right help, the installation of a properly designed and reliable database tracking system is relatively quick and simple.  Strongly consider pursuing the greater piece of mind, stability, and security that a database tracking system can provide for your business.


Time is of the essence.  In the business world you can buy many things, but you cannot buy time.  Therefore, it is very important that you provide the tools and means to make the most of the time available and use them with the utmost efficiency.  Inventory tracking software plays a crucial role in controlling and organizing the time spent at all levels of production.  Tracking and keeping control of your inventory can be huge tasks if not brought within a formalized process backed by functional technology.

Without inventory tracking software, staff must be dedicated to manually logging and tracking down products and keeping a tally of the input and output of goods.  Needless to say, with a manual system in place, it is close to impossible to correctly track all of your products to their exact location.  For many industries, from those involved with food production to vehicle production, having the ability to locate all products is not only a necessity to their business needs, it is vital in the event of a recall and could possibly save hundreds if not thousands of lives, not to mention the money.

The importance of inventory tracking software should not be underestimated.  Having an easy method of scanning and locating products as well as keeping an exact tally of the goods in stock facilitates business planning in all departments.  Access to information is power.  With an effective software solution in place, a business can be more effective in sales strategy, marketing, finance and even human resources.  Inventory tracking software is designed with the business owner in mind.  It is constructed in a way that specifically benefits the vendor by providing valuable information while greatly reducing time traditionally allocated to the control and cataloging of a business’ inventory.

When choosing appropriate inventory tracking software, business owners must go through a logical process.  The best inventory tracking software is one that can accommodate for your current business size in addition to being scalable with the growth of your business.  The technical support for your inventory tracking software should be an up to date and an on-call system.  Additionally, the company behind your software must be available on a 24 hour basis to provide the back-up and assistance necessary if the system should go down.

In addition to these aspects, a strong inventory tracking system must have the ability to be altered and reprogrammed to suit your particular business needs.  No two businesses are the same and the methods of tracking your inventory should be customized to your operational processes. A single off-the-shelf solution that may solve many of a company’s present issues is unlikely to provide the flexibility required for transformation business impact.

Whether you run a small or large business, keeping track of your inventory and the knowledge of the distribution of your products will assist you in maximizing your profitability.  The investment can pay dividends in a surprisingly short period of time.


Management of data and information entered into your system is crucial to reaching your goals.  Knowing the details and ongoing flow of information through your database is essential when you plan on having an organized and informative data management system.  The ability to construct and recognize the patterns of movement and influx of your database is important to the management of your information.  Implementing a solid database tracking system is a helpful way to assist in the organization and cataloging of your data.

Tracking information in a database can be as simple as keeping records of the input and output of certain items in a collection.  For example, being able to follow up and know what books are present at any time in a library system.  Database tracking systems can also be as complex as the management of sales and inventory recording.  Many other aspects involved in sales and inventory control can also be included, such as accounting and shipping information, which can be programmed into the algorithms used for database tracking systems.  These systems can be used in other unconventional scenarios as well where tracking down products and supplies is important on a monetary and intellectual proprietary level.  Database tracking systems are also often used to assist scientists in a variety of fields, from tracking and controlling the spread of epidemic diseases to organizing strains of genetic modifications used in research.

Database tracking systems can be used in all levels of production and project completion.  Starting from the very moment of recording the entry of products into your database, these systems can give you an up to date account of the status and location of your products in addition to providing you with information regarding the history of where each item has been.  By using this information, not only will you know the exact location of all of your products, you can also reduce waste and inefficiency by cutting out unnecessary movement and relocation of products, improving productivity.

A Database tracking system can be programmed to be updated based on the needs of the services or products you supply.  The system can collect and store information on a daily basis, and render a final report periodically.  The system can also be designed and programmed in order to give you real time updates on the current location of each product at any given moment.

One other very important aspect of database tracking systems is the ability to use the provided information to gain customer feedback on various aspects of your services and improve overall customer service as a result.  Keeping records of your database, whether a simple or complex information base is utilized, can easily be accomplished through software designed specifically to your needs.  A knowledgeable and experienced developer can take the details of your requirements and construct a database tracking system that can easily provide you with the exact numbers you need in order to be in control of the movement of data in your source database.

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