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Advantages of Microsoft Access

An Expert Look At The Advantages Of Microsoft Access

Advantages of Microsoft AccessThere was a day when Microsoft Access was incredibly frustrating. I spent days looking around the software in an attempt to find the functions and flexibility that I needed. Access was the only affordable solution for me, but it didn’t do everything I needed it to do. Back then, in the 1990s, software was incredibly expensive… as it is still today. Microsoft Access, as part of Microsoft Office Professional, is accessible and already on most of our computers. The software today has come on leaps and bounds. It is much better than that software that I struggled with in the 1990s, and Microsoft has done a great job of getting it to a position where it is versatile enough for most business requirements.

So let’s take a look at some of the advantages that I have found in Microsoft Access.


It is possible to connect Microsoft Access with other databases. For example, it is possible to use Access as the front-end and plug into database applications that are more scalable at the back-end, such as Microsoft SQL Server.


It is easy to deploy. Even sharing the database is simple and can be achieved in several ways. It is set up to work with your local area network. Of course, it’s also easily integrated with your other Microsoft software and can be tied into Excel and pivot tables in just a click or two. The development time is far decreased over most other alternatives. Objects and components are off the shelf, and wizards and templates are there, ready for you to get going.


Reporting is simple and effective. The built-in reporting tools available in Microsoft Access are a real positive aspect. There are very few database applications that have such excellent reporting features built-in.

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DBA programming

The DBA programming feature provides professional, functional, and refined database systems. It really is possible to take the software and use it for some comprehensive requirements. It’s not as limited as it was back in the 1990s.


Finally, this is the most cost-effective way to get your database up and running in a flexible, scalable, and usable fashion.

On top of all this, it is something that can be managed in-house in most circumstances with consultancy and guidance from consultants.

As Microsoft Access has improved as software, functionality has been added and it has become a really powerful system. With both 2007 and 2010, Microsoft Access has great web flexibility, meaning you can share over the Internet as well as your Local Area Network. Certainly, the software has moved with the times and it now is a perfect solution for many businesses.


Мoѕt companies uѕе ѕоmе form оf data storage. It іѕ common tо stоrе large amounts оn information іn а database system, and staff should hаvе good Microsoft access database training in order tо meet the needs оf the company. Тherе аre different types of databases, but essentially іt comes down tо the right ѕуstеm fоr the business need with custom software applications.

If you wish to ѕtоrе millions upоn millions оf data, it iѕ better tо gо for а database ѕуѕtеm such aѕ SQL Server and custom software applications. Thеѕе systems аrе used bу the banking industry tо hold their vast amount of customer informаtіоn. Тhеу also offer better security than smaller database systems which is vital when dealing with millions of users.

If уоu аre looking tо hold records in the hundreds or thouѕandѕ, then а smaller database system maу bе preferable. Microsoft Access іѕ а good example іѕ the industry leader іn ѕmаll desktop databases.

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It iѕ commоn to have Microsoft Access database training іn а smaller system, such аѕ MS Access bеfоrе moving up tо а full blown ѕуѕtеm lіkе SQL Server. А MS Access database will give yоu а good grounding іn how database systems work and аn understanding of relational database theory. If уоu аrе having Microsoft access database training іn a corporate full blown database ѕуstеm, then іt іѕ unlikely tо involve screen design. MS Access is а rapid application tool and allows уоu tо create stylish screens tо enter data. More serious systems such as SQL Server hоwеvеr are primarily used for storing and retrieving data. Тhе screens wіll bе designed bу using another tool.

Microsoft Access Tips

Your 5 Keys to Easy Microsoft Access Database Editing 

Microsoft Access Tips

Microsoft Access has advanced massively over the last 20 years. It is now a rich application that provides excellent out-of-the-box functionality. It is now compatible with other applications and can be used to create a productive and functional solution that can meet all your business needs. Often, people that are looking to work with Access don’t fully understand the functionality that Access has to offer. So to help counter that, here are my top 5 tips to help you with Microsoft Access.

Database Entry

Entering information into tables and forms is, of course, very simple… and Microsoft Access makes it intuitive. On top of this Microsoft Access includes keyboard shortcuts to enhance the usability through better navigation and editing processes. CTRL + adds a new record. CTRL ‘ takes the value from a previous record and replicates it in the corresponding field in the current record. Using the F2 key provides the opportunity to edit a record. There are so many ways to improve the usability of Microsoft Access. Make sure you check out the help file in the program by looking for “keyboard shortcuts”.

The Object Properties Dialog Box

Keyboard Shortcut KeysItems in the navigation pane and database window have properties that are hidden in which you can add narratives and also remove the object from the screen. There is a keyboard shortcut available in the form of ALT + Enter or you can “right-click” -> Properties. Once you have hidden an object, it will be gone from view until you select the option “Show Hidden Objects”. Utilizing this function is primarily adopted for sensitive items such as Action Queries and can be very useful.

Application Starter

It is possible to open a form on your welcoming screen instead of the navigation pane or database window. This can help make it a richer front-end. You can also stop the startup by pressing and holding “shift” during the database file launch.

Reporting In Access – Combine with Excel?

Reports are numerous in Microsoft Access database. It includes pivot tables. However, most people will be more comfortable with Excel’s pivot tables. It is possible to take data from Excel and link it to the Accessdatabase. The two applications, both being Microsoft, are great for integration and Excel also provides the added benefit of having a file that can be sent by email.

Updating Bulk Data

If you have a big update to do and it involves a pattern, then there is a function called “Update Query”, which enables you to dictate the criteria and also include calculations. A typical example of this is with an online store: A price increase of 5% across the board could be done through a formula update query. Updating each price manually could be a time consuming nightmare, but running an update query is fast and simple. There are so many different options available in Microsoft Access. It’s a far more powerful tool than most of us give it credit for. Get your head into the system and understand how it can help improve your business and you really will benefit from an efficient, productive, and profit-increasing piece of software.

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Microsoft Access, a database management system, is one of the several software tools from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools.  This software is capable of storing its own formats and also has the ability to import or link directly to data stored in other applications or databases.  With Microsoft Access, programmers and developers have been able to build tools that enhance online business and can help give you an edge in today’s competitive market.  Working with Microsoft Access, online businesses can benefit from the Office-style user interface to achieve better results.  Multiple reports can also be created using different views of the same information.  The rather complex world of databases can also be simplified when creating tables and with the use of information from multiple sources.  Integrating all the advantages of Microsoft Access can create a data-driven application that helps save costs, increases task-completion speed, and improves accuracy as well.  But to be able to create and integrate these solutions, there is a need to hire a Microsoft Access programmer.

Most people are not familiar with this field which makes the services of a professional even more crucial.  For those who have never engaged in coding of any kind, or who have never had cause to hire an Access programmer, it might be a bit difficult to choose the right professional.  Many businesses and business owners often make the mistake of hiring a full or part time Access programmer, even when they do not need one.  This is only necessary for cases where a business specifically involves software development.  It is important to note that no matter how complex an application might seem, when it is designed and coded properly, it may very well not require day-to-day oversight or constant monitoring.

The cost of hiring and paying an Access programmer might be too heavy for a business and economically unwise to incur.  However, there are capable companies with professionals to handle Access programming like Phoenix Consultant Group who can always deliver the best services.

Outsourcing has become the commonplace when it comes to Access programming and it is important to watch who and where you outsource from.  Overseas outsourcing for application programming and development can be a good way to save money, but sometimes the cost advantage is outweighed by language barriers and time zone difficulties.  This is why you need the best and most experienced hands in such fields such as Phoenix Consultant Group, which has a rich portfolio of foreign clients, and understands what it takes to handle foreign jobs.  Freelance application programmers might be cheap, but also come with a lot of disadvantages.

Leaving important jobs, such as Access programming, in the hands of a single person is quite risky.  Therefore, it is important to leave your projects in capable hands that start and also finish and provide the necessary support.  Picking up a job half-completed might be more expensive than actually beginning a new one.   A professional and dedicated team such as Phoenix Consultants Group has all the experience to handle your jobs from start to finish as well as being able to provide technical support.


Finding a professional Access Developer is important.  With so many people claiming to be professionals, there are qualities that set apart the pretenders from the true professionals.  Technology has  provided easier methods of doing things and cutting costs.  Although the advantages are there for the taking, many have not been able to maximize them due to several factors.  Through software packages, several designs and developments can be achieved.  One of the most important parts of a business is data and being able to manage this effectively provides many advantages.  Data can be managed even more effectively through Microsoft Access to capture, store and transfer information.  Utilizing this program effectively, however, can prove to be very technical and demands the skills of a professional.

The first quality to look for when seeking for a professional in any field, as well as an Access Developer, is experience.  A good developer must possess adequate experience in his field and must be able to come up with solutions that maintain a positive user experience.  He should also possess formal education in Access development.

Another important quality that makes an Access Developer stand out is reliability.  A developer must be able to display a high sense of responsibility and accountability.  This is demonstrated through timeliness and the operation of realistic schedules.  They must also be able to meet a deadline whenever one is specified.  Also, before a professional Access Developer delivers a job, he should be able to test and confirm the functionality, rather than let the client discover the loopholes on their own which, essentially, will result in loss of vital information, time and money.

An Access Developer always pays attention to their clients’ needs, understands their goals and creates solutions to that regard.  He should also be able to clearly communicate in understandable business terms in regards the solutions he intends to provide.  To further clear all doubts, he should always have prototypes on hand to show to clients as well as provide updates with necessary information as the work progresses.

Furthermore, a professional Access Developer should have the ability to create custom designs to fit the client’s specific needs and should be able to anticipate changes in the future and plan ahead for them.  For example, the developer should be able to separate the presentation layer from the end database layer in order to simplify changes and enhancements.

The qualified Access Developer should have a developer’s software that can easily identify errors and put in place mechanisms to solve them.  He should be up to speed with the best practices and comply with standard naming conventions and coding standards.  Your developer should also be able to understand your business and its marketing and customer satisfaction needs. This will enable him to create better solutions.  From actions and reactions, a professional Access Developer should show signs of being a successful business partner.

Finally, a significant measure by which an Access Developer professional can be identified is in his sense of security.  Your data and information should be kept secure and preventive measures should be taken to forestall attacks and data loss.

While it is difficult to find professionals that meet all of these qualities, Phoenix Consultants Group meets and surpasses clients’ expectations.  With Microsoft Access experience dating as far back as 1995, the company has been able to create several database applications, and has all the expertise that is needed in the field.