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Database Tracking

Database TrackingDatabase tracking systems come in a variety of forms and serve many different business purposes.  For example, one may use a database tracking system to catalog library book usage – check-ins and checkouts, reservations and holds, etc.   Alternatively, such systems may also be employed in the ongoing recording of construction asset and material locations, conditions, and projected values.

Additionally, database tracking software may encompass the ongoing understanding of the contents of a database itself.  For example, any effective sales representative needs to be familiar with the current offerings of the business they represent.

Rather than downloading a product catalogue every few weeks, database tracking software would highlight the changes that have occurred in the database since it was last viewed, enabling greater sales effectiveness and information efficiency.

In fact, business in the modern world is all about efficiency, and efficiency, in turn, is dependent on reliable and current information.  Data organization and structure is the key to relevant and up-to-date information.  Today, the contents of databases arrive from a myriad of different sources in distinct formats, through numerous data transformations and conversions, and via any of a number of devices.
With such complexity in the way data is input into a database, there is an inherently increased risk that the integrity of the data may be compromised.  Database tracking systems are specifically and uniquely designed to prevent such catastrophe.  They do so by carefully monitoring the flow of information, coordinating the influx of complex data from its many sources, effectively integrating the information into the database, ensuring organization and usability, and safeguarding against data compromise.

You may be thinking, “This is all very well, but what does all this  have to do with MY business?”  Well, no matter your business size or type, database tracking systems allow for:

  • Greater process efficiency
  • Increased information integration and organization across business divisions
  • More efficient and comprehensive reporting
  • Greater understanding of your client profile, customer behaviors, and overall product satisfaction
  • More effective business strategy design
  • Earlier identification of business challenges and issues
  • More informed decision-making

Database Tracking Scheme

Furthermore, from a data integrity point of view, the employment of a database tracking system could mean the prevention of catastrophic business failure.  For example, the compromise or loss of an online or other business database could result in serious direct financial loss.  Additionally, the accompanying loss of business credibility and industry reputation may incur ongoing losses in the future.  In today’s highly competive and unforgiving business atmosphere, no organization can afford to be seen as careless, disorganized, and/or inefficient.

Databases are the lifeblood that enables effective and profitable business to deliver their services, both online and offline.  With the right help, the installation of a properly designed and reliable database tracking system is relatively quick and simple.  Strongly consider pursuing the greater piece of mind, stability, and security that a database tracking system can provide for your business.


Database development is a critical and technical part of any business.  Previously, many people had the opinion that databases were only meant for large scale companies and organizations.  However, the world had advanced in so many ways and the power of technology seems to drive all other sectors and aspects of life.  Therefore, both small and large companies are taking advantage of this technology and using management databases to stay ahead of business competition.  For database development to be successful there needs to be a clear cut insight into what you intend to achieve.  This is precisely why a competent database development company is needed to handle your job.

Due to the sensitivity and importance of databases to businesses, getting it right is of utmost importance.  Although many try to seek cheaper options for database development, they will usually become more expensive in the long run, especially when there are eventual malfunctions.

There are common mistakes that many people tend to make when it comes to database development.  One of such is that most database developers do not actually have a good idea of what a primary key is.  Some people confuse primary keys for data in a row, or even use application data as primary keys.  In other cases, people make use of meaningful data for primary keys in database development.  Primary keys are supposed to be generated either in a random mode or in sequence and most times, they are not to be changed except in the case of very specific situations.

Another common error people make in the use of data development is in the use of hard deletes.  Yes, there are situations that call for hard deletes, but these times are few compared to the number of times a database needs to be restored to a separate server.  Therefore, making use of a soft delete in applications might be a better option.  Joining tables on columns sometimes do not come out as unique as we expect them to be.  There are special situations that tend to bring out the flaws in such systems, making it necessary to have a primary key.  While some people get their primary wrong, others do not believe in it and this does not work well in database development and its environment.

While some database developers never turn anything into relationships, some on the other hand, make everything a relationship.  There should always be a middle ground when dealing with database development.  However, there are certain scenarios that might not call for any of these.  Stored procedures have been very useful in the past but with the invention of newer techniques such as the modem ORMs, they might not be that necessary anymore.  Also, they make maintenance even more difficult because making any change often requires writing a fresh store procedure, rather than merely altering an existing one.

In the face of all these challenges, database development can be tricky, and this is why you need Phoenix Consultant Group to handle your database development and much more.  It has the best experience in the business, and uses some of the best tools.  It also engages in database conversion and migration as well as other data projects.  Having executed a vast array of database development and management systems in different sectors and parts of the world, the company is certainly poised to take on every challenge, and come up with impressive solutions.


For many businesses, the main objective is to make profits.  Even non-profit organizations are looking for different ways to cut down on costs.  One factor of a business’s success is the ability to stay ahead of the competition and maximize profit.  The best way to achieve this is to develop and improve the right strategies that will enhance efficiency, increase speed and ensure better service delivery.  To accomplish all of this, it is important to make wise and well-thought out investments.  Investing in the right technology and technological tools is one of the best ways to achieve the success you desire.

Another key area in business that deserves a lot of attention is data management.  It forms the very foundation upon which decisions are made.  This is even more important in recent days of economic downturns.  To stay ahead of the competition, businesses must continually seek out more efficient and cost-effective methods in comparison to what their competitors are doing so as to have a greater edge over them.

Since data is a major factor in business development, it is vitally important that every business pays attention to how it generates and maintains its data.  Acquiring a database can help you achieve more without the excess staff, which means minimizing costs.  It can also promote accuracy in the storage and retrieval of important information as well as providing a greater integrity of data.  A database developer is just what you need to help you achieve all this.  And since there are a lot of database developers out there, a few things have to be considered when selecting one.

A database can be built using different tools such as Access, SQL, and MySQL.  The tool used by your database developer needs to not just have past credibility but must also possess a bright future.  For instance, some tools are gradually fading out with the invention of new technologies with little probability that they will be relevant in tomorrow’s market.  Therefore, a good database developer or company should be able to invest in the latest technologies to produce the best results.

The database solution brought up by a developer should be able to work properly on different platforms, such as Microsoft Windows and Linux.  They should not only be designed for, but also tested on multiple systems as well.  Businesses can easily expand and many developments can take place.  Therefore, it is important that a database developer should be able to design solutions that can easily be expanded in the future.  For example, a database should easily be scalable from just one user to several hundreds of users.  Database developers should also make use of the best tools that can support rapid development.  Other things to worry about in regards to your developer are their track records and proven successes.

With Phoenix Consultants Group, there is little or nothing to worry about when it comes to database developers or development.  In fact, this is the major part where most of the company’s expertise is focused.  It has also been able to carve out a niche for itself with its over-30 years’ experience in using database tools such as Microsoft Access, Excel, and SQL server.  They also specialize in database conversions and migrations.

Irrespective of whether it is a mainframe database or small database program, Phoenix Consultants Group is your best option.