Phoenix Consultants Group is a software development firm specializing in creating data-driven software applications and websites.  Phoenix creates superior custom software products that deliver the tools necessary for business managers and owners to make informed decisions and manage their important data.

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The complete software development process, or Software Development Life Cycle, is the process of creating or changing software systems and the methodologies that are used to achieve the changes.  In the world of software engineering, SDLC underlines various types of development methodologies. These methodologies combine together to form a skeleton of planning, control and execution, which is globally known [...]

software development

The rapid rate at which businesses are transforming their operational structures in order to cater to their ever expanding online clients is almost unbelievable.  And with rapid and unrelenting technological development across industries, businesses are finding it very hard to keep pace, which has made outsourcing an important part of any business organization that seeks [...]


The importance of data for any organization cannot be overemphasized.  Every business, whether large or small, generates huge amounts of data.  Being able to track data correctly and effectively plays a vital role in determining the success of that business.  It is through proper management of data that a business’s survival can be guaranteed. The [...]

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Setting up a business involves a great deal of work and the ultimate goal is to maximize profit.  For a business to achieve this there must be deliberate strategies aimed at attracting new customers as well as keeping regular clients.  Advertising is crucial and serves as a means of informing one’s target audiences about what [...]

Software Integration

Today, businesses need to be more competitive, as well as more efficient.  Advancements in computer technology can allow businesses more opportunities to service their ever growing client bases and incorporating you software integration into your database systems has never been more important.  But with expansion, businesses are also even more pressured to meet growing challenges [...]


For many businesses, the main objective is to make profits.  Even non-profit organizations are looking for different ways to cut down on costs.  One factor of a business’s success is the ability to stay ahead of the competition and maximize profit.  The best way to achieve this is to develop and improve the right strategies [...]

  Finding a professional Access Developer is important.  With so many people claiming to be professionals, there are qualities that set apart the pretenders from the true professionals.  Technology has  provided easier methods of doing things and cutting costs.  Although the advantages are there for the taking, many have not been able to maximize them due to several factors.  Through [...]


Database driven applications have an inherent deficiency in their ability to deal with the data. Applications that only have two sides are typically very basic and unable to deal with more complex task. Over the last decade there has been a dramatic rise of multi-tier systems; systems that have software components of varying complexity sitting [...]

Over the years, businesses have been able to succeed through well thought-out strategies and principles. By fully integrating these strategies, policies and decisions can be made towards the expansion and continuity of the business. One factor that has played a major role in decision-making and the evolution of strategies is data management and data requirements. [...]

The world of information technology is expanding at an unprecedented pace since the late Twentieth Century.  This has created a whole world of opportunities for businesses and technology professionals alike including a software development company. Software development is a critical part of these professions, and the impact on businesses processes, and profitability, has proven significant. [...]