Phoenix Consultants Group is a software development firm specializing in creating data-driven software applications and websites.  Phoenix creates superior custom software products that deliver the tools necessary for business managers and owners to make informed decisions and manage their important data.

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Software development has become a lot more popular than it was some years back.  Different solutions can now be provided through custom software and pre-made software applications.  This has also resulted in the springing up of several software development companies.  At Phoenix Consultants Group, we pride ourselves as being one of the best software developers. [...]


Recent technological developments that the world has witnessed continue to affect the way people act and, ultimately, how businesses are run.  With massive transformation in the economic fabric of the world, businesses are now functioning within the walls of the internet and the ever increasing web visitors are now considered highly valued potential customers.  With [...]


Database development is a critical and technical part of any business.  Previously, many people had the opinion that databases were only meant for large scale companies and organizations.  However, the world had advanced in so many ways and the power of technology seems to drive all other sectors and aspects of life.  Therefore, both small [...]


Microsoft Access, a database management system, is one of the several software tools from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools.  This software is capable of storing its own formats and also has the ability to import or link directly to data stored in other [...]

Web Based Application Development

Many companies are unfamiliar with what a web application is compared to a normal iPhone or Android application. A web application is simply a website that has been optimized to function much like how a regular app on a phone would function. With a web based application development company you can create an application that [...]


For any business to be successful, proper marketing is a must.  The only way to get your target audience to become customers is through communication about your products and services.  Too many people still think that their product will sell itself while not understanding that the secret to success in business is a massive concentrated [...]

Cloud computing

With the massive revolution that computer technology has brought on in today’s world, everything about the archaic and snail-speed processes of the earlier times is now being dumped for much faster and much simpler computer solutions.  And with these fast-paced developments comes the growing need for more professionals that will help implement complex technologies and [...]

database software 2

Establishing a company, organization, or business always comes with certain expectations.  Normally, every business venture aims to thrive and stay ahead of the competition as much as possible.  These expectations can only be delivered on when certain key decisions are taken into account based on well informed analysis and strategies.  The most fundamental basis upon [...]

application software

With the ever increasing influences of computer technologies being witnessed today in the world at large, modern businesses are now inclined more than ever to adapt to the various changes that have been brought on by the internet and computer technology.  One of the modern technologies adopted by business organizations around the world is software [...]

The internet over the years has experienced tremendous changes. Not long ago, <BLINK> tags used to be the toast of the internet language. Today, the internet has evolved dramatically and one area that has been most affected is the area of web application development. The need for web applications has risen with many companies around [...]