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Middleware: The Brain Between Your Technologies

Database driven applications have an inherent deficiency in their ability to deal with the data. Applications that only have two sides are typically very basic and unable to deal with more complex task. Over the last decade there has been a dramatic rise of multi-tier systems; systems that have software components of varying complexity sitting between the client and the server.

Basic Middleware graphic

Middleware  is the software application that sits between two parts of a system.  It has one of a number of functions, but essentially it is there to provide a communication layer and inputs or outputs. It is neither part of the main application nor the database. It speaks both the language of the database and that of the software. It can even translate between software built in different languages. A good example of the function of middleware is in E-commerce. A vital aspect of any sophisticated online store is the inventory system that drives the front-end display system and back-end ordering system. Middleware applications have the ability to ensure that the operational side of the online business is tracked and is dynamic. In e-commerce for instance middleware can tie the online e-commerce system with the inventory, the accounting system and the ordering system.

Phoenix Consultant Group specializes in producing middleware components to bridge the gap and functionalize the operation of applications. The intelligence of a database driven language is often limited in a dual tier system. By introducing middleware a lot more can be achieved automatically, saving time, money and increasing efficiency.

Middleware improves business systems’  effectiveness. The process of integrating software and database systems involves the analysis of the business requirements. Once the functional specification is drawn up it is then possible to translate this to technical specifications that explain exactly how the middleware will produce the desired effect.

Middleware has become indispensible for industries such the investment banking sector, where software must be intelligent, responsive and robust. In trading software used on the stock exchange it is usual to find multi-tier systems that deliver incredible “intelligence”. Middleware has truly revolutionized the way that the trading floors operate.

At Phoenix Consultant Group, we see middleware as the “brain” between your technologies.

 With such diverse applications of middleware, and such clear and measurable benefits, it is important to select a middleware developer that has the business analysis skills to match their technical ability.  We have massive experience through the full software development lifecycle. We are able to talk with clients at their level to ensure that what we develop is right for them.  We are geared to working with your business to achieve technological integration through a smooth and efficient process.