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Cyberwar – America at War- Part 1

Cyber war

America at War- Part 1: Most people think that to be in a war we need to have soldiers on the ground, firing at an enemy across some line where we trade missiles, bombs, rockets, mortars and gun fire in the hopes of forcing the other side to either surrender or die in the attempt.  That is not the way this war works.  We don’t have any footage of a missile going into a bunker, or a truck being blown up on a bridge.  We don’t have reporters embedded with units traveling with them as bullets ring past their positions.  That doesn’t mean that we aren’t in a war.  It just means most people are completely unaware of the battlefield and how it personally affects their everyday lives.

Last week, Dan Coats the Director of Intelligence said the red flashing lights are blinking concerning the Cyberwar that we are in with Russia.  He stated that the warnings were equivalent to a 9/11 warning that we received.  Let that sink in for a moment.  WE ARE AT A WARNING LEVEL WITHIN THE US GOVT. INTELLIGENCE SERVICES SIMILAR TO WHEN WE WERE ATTACK ON 9/11.  Unfortunately, this isn’t radical thinking, nor is it apocalyptic warnings.  This is the reality that we live in today- we are in a Cyberwar and most people are oblivious that it’s happening or what to do about it.

The story of Russian election hacking is now on the news daily.  But that is just one of the salvos that were fired in this war.  It was a direct hit as if someone had dropped a nuclear warhead right on Washington DC and it’s having the same exact effect as a nuke.  The contamination is real.  The destruction is real.  The massive damage is real.  No matter which side of the political spectrum you are on, this war matters and the damage is catastrophic.

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Russia is producing silent but deadly attacks daily on US infrastructures, banks, utilities, companies, stock market and political parties and they are escalating and winning.  They are bits of code that infiltrate our nation, torch our computers and destroy our systems. They are social media attacks that are with fake accounts with false reports.  Russia doesn’t need to launch their army into our neighborhoods to undermine and launch a salvo into an enemy stronghold.

Yesterday one political party decided not to give the supplies to the soldiers on the front lines who are fighting this cyberwar.  Instead of increasing the spending to protect the US elections that are under the largest attack on US soil ever in history, they stripped the bill of the money.  It’s not about party- it’s about supporting out defenders of our country against an overwhelmingly better funded opponent.

This is not about political party or affiliations.  This is about being an American during a time when our country is under a steady increase of deadly cyberattacks against our way of life.

An Expert Look At The Advantages Of Microsoft Access

Advantages of Microsoft Access

An Expert Look At The Advantages Of Microsoft Access

Advantages of Microsoft AccessThere was a day when Microsoft Access was incredibly frustrating. I spent days looking around the software in an attempt to find the functions and flexibility that I needed. Access was the only affordable solution for me, but it didn’t do everything I needed it to do. Back then, in the 1990s, software was incredibly expensive… as it is still today. Microsoft Access, as part of Microsoft Office Professional, is accessible and already on most of our computers. The software today has come on leaps and bounds. It is much better than that software that I struggled with in the 1990s, and Microsoft has done a great job of getting it to a position where it is versatile enough for most business requirements.

So let’s take a look at some of the advantages that I have found in Microsoft Access.


It is possible to connect Microsoft Access with other databases. For example, it is possible to use Access as the front-end and plug into database applications that are more scalable at the back-end, such as Microsoft SQL Server.


It is easy to deploy. Even sharing the database is simple and can be achieved in several ways. It is set up to work with your local area network. Of course, it’s also easily integrated with your other Microsoft software and can be tied into Excel and pivot tables in just a click or two. The development time is far decreased over most other alternatives. Objects and components are off the shelf, and wizards and templates are there, ready for you to get going.


Reporting is simple and effective. The built-in reporting tools available in Microsoft Access are a real positive aspect. There are very few database applications that have such excellent reporting features built-in.

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DBA programming

The DBA programming feature provides professional, functional, and refined database systems. It really is possible to take the software and use it for some comprehensive requirements. It’s not as limited as it was back in the 1990s.


Finally, this is the most cost-effective way to get your database up and running in a flexible, scalable, and usable fashion.

On top of all this, it is something that can be managed in-house in most circumstances with consultancy and guidance from consultants.

As Microsoft Access has improved as software, functionality has been added and it has become a really powerful system. With both 2007 and 2010, Microsoft Access has great web flexibility, meaning you can share over the Internet as well as your Local Area Network. Certainly, the software has moved with the times and it now is a perfect solution for many businesses.

Access Database Programming – Development for Growth

Evolution of Databases

Access Database Programming – Development for Growth


Business is driven by the information that we have and database programming allows for that information to flow properly. The processes that our businesses follow must provide feedback at every stage in order to improve the outcomes for our clients. Increasingly, we are realizing that raw data from throughout our organizations provide information on the preferences of our clients, the speed of our delivery, the effectiveness of our personnel, and the value intrinsic in our offering. By improving on any or all of these measures, we are able to increase our competitiveness and our profit.

The Evolution of Databases

Database Programming and EvolutionIt used to be the standard that businesses developed paper-based tracking systems. The customer book on the receptionist’s desk was the database of clients. The system evolved so that many businesses utilized excel spreadsheets and took their analysis and reporting to a new level of sophistication. These days, businesses are moving to database driven systems that can scale with their business and provide far increased functionality.

Increasing Demands on Business

As business grows, the demands upon it become more varied and challenging. An increased customer base often means businesses lose the personal touch on which their success was initially founded. Database driven operation can ensure that information gets to the people that need it when they need it, making them more effective in their business relationships with their clients… keeping the personal touch.

Business growth also brings with it the challenges of tracking service delivery and product delivery. There may be stringent requirements for ensuring things get where they need to get to, when they need to get there, depending on the industry in which your business operates.

Improved Service Levels

Even service industries, for example, the finance industry, have documents go back and forth between clients and companies. Documents go post, information is passed by fax and by email, and all this information is lost when something goes wrong or is not reported correctly.

Database driven systems ensure that there is transparency through the business, and even transparency with clients if a web portal is enabled for their own tracking processes.

Investment NOT Cost

There are so many applications of database driven information. Whether you are primarily online or offline business, the process of developing a meaningful system for your business really is worthwhile. Bottlenecks in business are perhaps one area that will cause more reputation damage than in any other facet.


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Case Study Apple

Database Programming - Case Study AppleIf reports are to be believed the Apple iPhone is struggling to deliver its iPhone 6 to the market in 2013. Reports suggest that it is the ability of their manufacturers to deliver the component parts to the level and volume required that is the main stumbling block. Understanding the demands of the business means understanding every facet and every component for iPhone. Their tracking must be spot on or they will over promise and under deliver.

Most businesses do not have the demands of “an Apple.” However, the principle remains true at whatever level you operate. You must be able to understand where your business is at any one time, and what you need to do to prioritize the effective completion of every task.

Customers are becoming more demanding and businesses are becoming more efficient. In order to grow and stay competitive as you grow, you must have a process that facilitates this. That means, upgrading to a database driven system that can provide you with the information analysis tools and reporting to keep you ahead of the game.

Microsoft Access Database Training and Custom Software Applications


Мoѕt companies uѕе ѕоmе form оf data storage. It іѕ common tо stоrе large amounts оn information іn а database system, and staff should hаvе good Microsoft access database training in order tо meet the needs оf the company. Тherе аre different types of databases, but essentially іt comes down tо the right ѕуstеm fоr the business need with custom software applications.

If you wish to ѕtоrе millions upоn millions оf data, it iѕ better tо gо for а database ѕуѕtеm such aѕ SQL Server and custom software applications. Thеѕе systems аrе used bу the banking industry tо hold their vast amount of customer informаtіоn. Тhеу also offer better security than smaller database systems which is vital when dealing with millions of users.

If уоu аre looking tо hold records in the hundreds or thouѕandѕ, then а smaller database system maу bе preferable. Microsoft Access іѕ а good example іѕ the industry leader іn ѕmаll desktop databases.

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It iѕ commоn to have Microsoft Access database training іn а smaller system, such аѕ MS Access bеfоrе moving up tо а full blown ѕуѕtеm lіkе SQL Server. А MS Access database will give yоu а good grounding іn how database systems work and аn understanding of relational database theory. If уоu аrе having Microsoft access database training іn a corporate full blown database ѕуstеm, then іt іѕ unlikely tо involve screen design. MS Access is а rapid application tool and allows уоu tо create stylish screens tо enter data. More serious systems such as SQL Server hоwеvеr are primarily used for storing and retrieving data. Тhе screens wіll bе designed bу using another tool.

Why A Web Based Application Development Company Can Help You

Web Based Application Development

Web Based Application DevelopmentMany companies are unfamiliar with what a web application is compared to a normal iPhone or Android application. A web application is simply a website that has been optimized to function much like how a regular app on a phone would function. With a web based application development company you can create an application that will play well on both the iPhone and Android. That is a huge advantage over just developing for one platform.

Developing for both platforms will cost more than twice as much as just developing for one. By making your app available online everywhere, you really open the door to consumers using your product. The difference between developing a web application and developing one for a specific platform is staggering. A dedicated web based application development company will be much better equipped to handle the coding they need. Mobile development is where the real money is in software development currently.

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A web based company has many other advantages than just being available on all platforms. With a web based program, it is much easier to tap into the Internet and use data seamlessly from around the web. This will give your application a host of advantages compared to other companies offerings.