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An Expert Look At The Advantages Of Microsoft Access

Advantages of Microsoft Access

An Expert Look At The Advantages Of Microsoft Access

Advantages of Microsoft AccessThere was a day when Microsoft Access was incredibly frustrating. I spent days looking around the software in an attempt to find the functions and flexibility that I needed. Access was the only affordable solution for me, but it didn’t do everything I needed it to do. Back then, in the 1990s, software was incredibly expensive… as it is still today. Microsoft Access, as part of Microsoft Office Professional, is accessible and already on most of our computers. The software today has come on leaps and bounds. It is much better than that software that I struggled with in the 1990s, and Microsoft has done a great job of getting it to a position where it is versatile enough for most business requirements.

So let’s take a look at some of the advantages that I have found in Microsoft Access.


It is possible to connect Microsoft Access with other databases. For example, it is possible to use Access as the front-end and plug into database applications that are more scalable at the back-end, such as Microsoft SQL Server.


It is easy to deploy. Even sharing the database is simple and can be achieved in several ways. It is set up to work with your local area network. Of course, it’s also easily integrated with your other Microsoft software and can be tied into Excel and pivot tables in just a click or two. The development time is far decreased over most other alternatives. Objects and components are off the shelf, and wizards and templates are there, ready for you to get going.


Reporting is simple and effective. The built-in reporting tools available in Microsoft Access are a real positive aspect. There are very few database applications that have such excellent reporting features built-in.

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DBA programming

The DBA programming feature provides professional, functional, and refined database systems. It really is possible to take the software and use it for some comprehensive requirements. It’s not as limited as it was back in the 1990s.


Finally, this is the most cost-effective way to get your database up and running in a flexible, scalable, and usable fashion.

On top of all this, it is something that can be managed in-house in most circumstances with consultancy and guidance from consultants.

As Microsoft Access has improved as software, functionality has been added and it has become a really powerful system. With both 2007 and 2010, Microsoft Access has great web flexibility, meaning you can share over the Internet as well as your Local Area Network. Certainly, the software has moved with the times and it now is a perfect solution for many businesses.

Microsoft Access Database Training and Custom Software Applications


Мoѕt companies uѕе ѕоmе form оf data storage. It іѕ common tо stоrе large amounts оn information іn а database system, and staff should hаvе good Microsoft access database training in order tо meet the needs оf the company. Тherе аre different types of databases, but essentially іt comes down tо the right ѕуstеm fоr the business need with custom software applications.

If you wish to ѕtоrе millions upоn millions оf data, it iѕ better tо gо for а database ѕуѕtеm such aѕ SQL Server and custom software applications. Thеѕе systems аrе used bу the banking industry tо hold their vast amount of customer informаtіоn. Тhеу also offer better security than smaller database systems which is vital when dealing with millions of users.

If уоu аre looking tо hold records in the hundreds or thouѕandѕ, then а smaller database system maу bе preferable. Microsoft Access іѕ а good example іѕ the industry leader іn ѕmаll desktop databases.

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It iѕ commоn to have Microsoft Access database training іn а smaller system, such аѕ MS Access bеfоrе moving up tо а full blown ѕуѕtеm lіkе SQL Server. А MS Access database will give yоu а good grounding іn how database systems work and аn understanding of relational database theory. If уоu аrе having Microsoft access database training іn a corporate full blown database ѕуstеm, then іt іѕ unlikely tо involve screen design. MS Access is а rapid application tool and allows уоu tо create stylish screens tо enter data. More serious systems such as SQL Server hоwеvеr are primarily used for storing and retrieving data. Тhе screens wіll bе designed bу using another tool.

Why A Web Based Application Development Company Can Help You

Web Based Application Development

Web Based Application DevelopmentMany companies are unfamiliar with what a web application is compared to a normal iPhone or Android application. A web application is simply a website that has been optimized to function much like how a regular app on a phone would function. With a web based application development company you can create an application that will play well on both the iPhone and Android. That is a huge advantage over just developing for one platform.

Developing for both platforms will cost more than twice as much as just developing for one. By making your app available online everywhere, you really open the door to consumers using your product. The difference between developing a web application and developing one for a specific platform is staggering. A dedicated web based application development company will be much better equipped to handle the coding they need. Mobile development is where the real money is in software development currently.

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A web based company has many other advantages than just being available on all platforms. With a web based program, it is much easier to tap into the Internet and use data seamlessly from around the web. This will give your application a host of advantages compared to other companies offerings.

Developing Software Using the Software Development Life Cycle


The complete software development process, or Software Development Life Cycle, is the process of creating or changing software systems and the methodologies that are used to achieve the changes.  In the world of software engineering, SDLC underlines various types of development methodologies. These methodologies combine together to form a skeleton of planning, control and execution, which is globally known as SDLC.

Software Requirement Analysis

In Software Requirement Analysis, also known as feasibility study, the development team visits the client site and studies the specific requirements of the business.  After completion of the analysis a document is made with specific suggestions for the existing client system.  It is comprised of personnel assignments, project schedules, costs, target, dates, etc.  This phase is very important in software life cycle development and helps to identify the core problems and proposed solutions.


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Software development life cycle research, which is carried out to access the client’s need, is passed on to the research & development wing (R&D) to frame a cost-effective system which can meet the customer’s requirements in a more efficient manner than the existing system.  Once this conceptual system in the software development life cycle program is developed and tested, the team that is in charge of development takes control of the entire development and deployment. During the developmental phase a software company often outsources associated activities to companies who have specialized knowledge and experience, which in turn accelerates the development process.

Code Generation

Software development life cycle’s core function is code designing.  After the development team has worked on developing the solutions, the code needs to be generated so that it is machine readable.  Various programming tools like interpreters, compilers, and debuggers all help to form the code.  There are endless high-level programming languages such as Java, C, C++, and Pascal which are used for coding. As per the requirement of the software development life cycle, appropriate languages are chosen.


Once the desired code is generated, the software development life cycle program testing begins.  Different methodologies for testing exist to identify the bugs.  Load testing, regression testing and user acceptance testing all feed into the improvement life cycle.  Many companies develop their own customized testing tools for their development operations.


The entire software development life cycle process is subject to various changes after being delivered to the customer.  These changes might happen due to some unexpected requirements or definitions that need to be placed into the system.  Such changes can have a marked effect on core functionality.  Project managers need to accommodate the possibility of future changes that could be required in the post implementation period.  The goal of development is always functionality and scalability.  Maintenance is made much simpler by a building block approach to the software development life cycle.  Flexibility of systems enables adaptation during maintenance and the predictability of the application will be directly related to the independence of difference components of the software.  Inter-dependence leads to rigidity and in the end an obsolete system.

Inventory Management Software that Helps Organize Your Warehouse

inventory management

Inventory Management Software

The world is progressing into more modern and technologically based mediums every day.  We are gradually releasing our hold on paper based data management and moving forward with more precise and accurate computer based methods.  Inventory Management Software refers to computer programs designed specifically to assist you with controlling and cataloging your inventory.  This software group helps streamline your work flow by giving you up to date and frequent reports on data pertaining to your warehouse without the necessity for manually accounting for every single article in your inventory.

If you run an online business with virtual shopping carts and check outs, it makes sense to find adequate software that seamlessly manages your product flow and keeps track of all movement of goods.  Inventory management software, when appropriate to the business, can assist in coordinating the movement of products from inventory, from shopping cart to check out and shipment.  It will ensure that all changes are tracked and reported and that your data is kept in sync and up to date automatically.  In addition to sales optimization, good inventory management software will also keep track of possible refunds, automatically re-entering them into your inventory system for sale. Inventory management software is indispensable to a high product flow business and can make the difference between an efficient and customer friendly business and a business that builds a reputation for under-delivering.

Inventory Management SoftwareIn addition to keeping track of your product flow in your warehouse, inventory management software also can assist you in shipment and delivery.  By choosing the proper system for your business, the program will not only track the movement of your products, but also will take care of the shipment aspect of your services.  Inventory management software can print labels directly from addresses provided by customers and include this information for further incorporation into your database.  These programs can automatically make arrangements for pickup and delivery, making customer service an easy aspect to cover.  Logistics can become easier than you could have possibly imagined.

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The ability to interface with existing internal business software as well as having inter-operability with other systems on the internet is a key characteristic that all inventory management software should provide.  Being interconnected with your email servers, accounting software, online merchant hosts and other programs you use on a daily basis to meet your needs, assists in making each sale a seamless operation, from order placement to processing the payment and shipment of the product.

Inventory management software must be chosen to be flexible to meet the future needs of your business. Whether you foresee a minor or major growth in the future of your business, the software you chose must be able to scale with you and incorporate these changes without disruptions in service.  Choosing the correct inventory management software to streamline your business needs will help you ease the process of running a business and controlling costs and expenses.  It will help allocate energy and resources to places which actually matter.